【格安saleスタート】 ツアラテック ツーリング用バッグ リミテッド・レッド』 【エントリーで最大P19倍】TOURATECH Exp タンクバッグ 『アンバート-タンクバッグ

●メーカー名:ツアラテック / TOURATECH(ツラーテック)
●商品名:タンクバッグ 『アンバート Exp リミテッド・レッド』


BMW R1200GS(2013-)

Let’s add some colour!

Even people who don’t necessarily want a tank bag in the traditional black, but prefer something in a fresh,

sporty colour combination to catch the eye, will see that we have just what they are looking for!

Our Ambato Exp limited red offers the excellent features and quality of the Ambato Exp - tank bags

in an exciting combination of exclusive colours and materials.

Black or colour? Not an easy decision to make, so we’ll leave it to your personal taste!

- Vehicle-specific, precisely fitting base plate for secure, play-free attachment to the bike

- Insert panels made from strong waterproof tarpaulin

- The material that we use is not plain nylon - it is certified Cordura fabric, made in Germany,

as also used for protective motorcycle clothing and expedition equipment

- Sturdy body and top made from high-quality, water-resistant and abrasion-resistant 1100 dtex Cordura

- Outer pockets and inserts made from 560 dtex Cordura

- Waterproof coating on inside of fabric

- Fluorocarbon impregnation and Teflon coating by DuPont using nanotechnology for protection against moisture, dirt, oil and fading

- Washable and easy to clean

- The fabric used has been tested for harmful substances and certified in accordance with OEKO-TEX Standard 100

- Reflective 3M Scotchlite panels for maximum visibility

- Strong, ergonomic carry handle for practical transportation away from the bike

- All-round zip for easy expansion

- Made for extreme loads and built to last

- Perfect fit

- Inner pocket with Velcro closure in top cover for maps, documents etc.

- Organiser with small inner pocket inside the top cover for toll cards, credit cards and loops for pens or a small torch

- Quick-release plastic buckles on the front

- Large, strong and secure Velcro fastener on the back

- Securely attached but can be quickly taken off the bike

- Can be removed in seconds for refuelling

- Map pocket with Velcro fastener and large opening included

- Carry straps for use as a shoulder bag or rucksack are included

- Low-weight bag with high carrying capacity and large usable volume

- Foamed base plate with non-slip, rubber-coated underside and seamless neoprene inside

- Water-resistant, high-quality zips

- Reflective quick-release elastic straps for quickly stowing gloves or a rain jacket

- Waterproof inner bags available separately

- Optional rain cover available

- Water-repellent insert for camera equipment available

- Rain cover supplied

- The special design of the side pockets means no additional horn guards are needed

- Practical, spacious side pockets with generous expansion flap

- Large main compartment without extra subdivisions provides maximum space for individual loading

- Water-resistant cable grommet for a charging cable or other power supply

- Unobstructed view of instruments and fitted navigation devices

- Appealing, exclusive blend of materials with a refreshing design

- All luggage systems are carefully hand-crafted in Germany

- No troublesome improvisation with poorly fitting universal attachment kits - these luggage systems are developed specifically for each motorbike and we test the mountings as well as the

- To ensure volume measurements are fair and accurate, they are taken in use with the bag fitted to the bike - they are not the result of estimates or rough calculations as is often the case.

What’s included:

Please note: Use paint protection film if necessary!

Size: (L x W x H) approx. ca. 37 x 27 x 22/32 cm

Volume: approx. 13/20 litres

Colour: black/red


【格安saleスタート】 ツアラテック ツーリング用バッグ リミテッド・レッド』 【エントリーで最大P19倍】TOURATECH Exp タンクバッグ 『アンバート-タンクバッグ


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【格安saleスタート】 ツアラテック ツーリング用バッグ リミテッド・レッド』 【エントリーで最大P19倍】TOURATECH Exp タンクバッグ 『アンバート-タンクバッグ

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